Bring the healing power of numbers into your life.

Use the magic of numbers to charge up your life!

Numerology charms focus the beneficial creative energies of numbers to support you in attracting love, health, and abundance.

Choose a charm any time you are looking for healing or inspiration. Place the charm on your altar, sleep with it under your pillow, or carry it with you throughout the day to continue to receive its energies as long as is needed.

Included booklet explains the meaning carried by each charm.

$35 for set of 10 hand-made charms in satin bag, with booklet

Healing Mandala Greeting Cards

Share the transformative benefits of numerology and sacred geometry.

View the available designs.

The back of each card provides an explanation
of the healing energy of the design. Blank inside.

$3 each, or 4 for $10.

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