What is a mandala?

A mandala is a “container of essence” (from the Sanskrit manda, meaning essence, and la, container). It is a pure expression of universal source, the essence of all that is, shining forth into the world.

I combine numerology and sacred geometry to create mandalas that are visual expressions of numbers. Numbers represent the different energies from which everything is created. (Visit this interactive summary to learn more about how numbers take shape.) Viewing the designs is a way to directly connect with these universal forces.

Drawing mandalas is a meditative, healing process that helps you to explore your own creative capacity as a spiritual being. Each drawing begins with the basic template of a certain number (a circle divided into that many equal parts), then develops in complexity as you play with line, curve, and color to discover the design’s full expression. No two mandalas are ever the same, as we are different each time we sit down to draw.

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