The 9 Gifts of Numbers (and how to use them)

Numbers are energies.

Numbers represent the spectrum of creative forces that shape the universe, governing both the form of the material world and our experiences in it. These energies are at work on all levels, from the macro to the micro, the physical to the spiritual. They teach us about the cyclical nature of life, how we all emanate out from a singular source and back again.

Numerologist Juno Jordan beautifully summarizes the character of each number in her book Numerology: The Romance in Your Name.

The Spectrum of Human Experience

It is the Force of the outgoing number 1,
the Light and the Peace of the number 2,
the Imagination of the number 3,
the Form and Order of the number 4,
the Life and Progress of the number 5,
the Responsibility of the number 6,
the Intelligence and Perfection of the number 7,
the Judgement of the number 8,
the Compassion and Benevolence of the number 9.


Each of the numbers 1–9 offers a gift, a resource that we can draw on as we navigate through life.

The number 1 offers the gift of Unity. Through the 1 we remember our connection to all of creation, so that we need not feel so adrift in the mystery that surrounds us.

The number 2 offers the gift of Polarity. It shows us that opposites attract, different but not divided. It is the dance of magnetism that energizes the universe.

The number 3 offers the gift of Initiation. It is the spark that drives us forward, fueling our will to make our dreams reality.

The number 4 offers the gift of Order. It is the grounding, stabilizing quality of the material world that helps us to get things done.

The number 5 offers the gift of Life Force. It is the inexhaustible flow of vitality and abundance that is available to us any time we need it.

The number 6 offers the gift of Harmony. It speaks of the support and nurturing of family and community that makes us whole.

The number 7 offers the gift of Vision. It shows us that there is more to life than meets the eye. By taking a step back from our immediate situation, we can gain perspective and see new truths.

The number 8 offers the gift of Mastery. It reveals the infinite in a seemingly finite world. By bringing our spiritual perspective down to Earth, we can act with true power and certainty.

The number 9 offers the gift of Attainment. It gathers together all of our resources and knowledge, forming a deep reservoir of experience that we can draw on to contribute to the uplift of humanity.

Using the gifts of numbers in your life

Increasing your understanding of how the numbers play out in your life is a powerful way to harness their gifts and use the universe’s creative energies to build the life you want.

  • Learn about your personal numerology, the numbers of your birth date and name, which you have carried with you all your life. See the Resources page for the titles of some excellent numerology books I recommend.

  • If you have a favorite number, consider its meaning and the energy that it is bringing to you.

  • Watch for any numbers that regularly appear and see what message they have to share.

  • Determine which number(s) may help you in achieving your goals and call their energies into your life. Visit the DTC Products page for valuable tools for working with the magic of numbers.

Most importantly, have fun!

Use the magic of numbers to charge up your life!

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