Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry is the study of the forms and patterns that shape creation. By deepening your understanding of the inner workings of the universe, you will begin to recognize these patterns in yourself and see your true connection to all that is.

1–9: The Story of Creation


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Increasing Well-Being with Sacred Geometry

Discover six principles of creation revealed by sacred geometry and how they can increase our sense of connection and well-being. Read the full article.

Geometry of Flowers

Explore the geometry of flowers.

The Fibonacci-ness of Plants

The Fibonacci sequence provides
provocative insights into how numbers
relate to nature's creative process.

Learn more.

Labyrinths: Walking a Spiral Path

The labyrinth, a twisting, turning spiral path leading to a central point, offers a direct experience of the energy of the spiral. Learn more.

Crop Circles: Evolving Geometry

Learn about these mysterious examples of sacred geometry.

Responses to the film--Thoughts on the spaces that surround us.

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When I lived in West Africa, so many of the modern buildings were inspired by the traditional architecture, which was often round. It was really cool. Big office buildings often have curves, and rooms and balconies are frequently oval or scallop shaped.
In Burkina, the traditional houses are round clusters of houses, all surrounded by curved round walls that create a beautiful courtyard where people spend most of their time. If there are big settlements, it feels like a labyrinth of interconnected circles. It flows so wonderfully.
--Eve A.

I believe it was Black Elk, the Lakota wise man, who said, "There is no power in square houses."
--Bruce S.

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